Slipforming, part 15 – Snow and the balcony

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Houston, we have a landing…SNOW!!!

Despite feverishly throwing cement in cracks, holes, gaps and spider nests, and working on the shed in between, the weather has closed in on us.  This morning marks the first snow of the season.  About three inches is atop the patio table.  Still falling.  Cider anyone?

We’ve not gotten a good shot of the house lit up at night, so I decided to try to get a shot of it this morning because it was dark enough that I thought I could get snow and the lights in one shot.  Haven’t dragged out the snow shoes, so wore my crocks.  Poor planning on my part! (Slosh, slosh)

Balcony railing work is still being targeted as our last hooray for construction attempts this year.  It reminds me of a saying, “How do you eat an elephant?”  The answer being, “One bite at a time.”  Finishing our home has been, and will continue to be, a lifetime event of tackling little bites each year.  By the time we get it all done, the projects we fixed first will need repair again.  Bah humbug!

Regarding the balcony railing, we have battled over this issue since the beginning.  From a purely selfish standpoint, the view is spectacular without one.  From a litigation standpoint, the view is also spectacular, as someone falling off our balcony would surely sue us and own our home at the end of litigation.  We already had a scare involving the balcony last week, when daughter Heidi forgot her keys to the house and decided to use a ladder to gain access to the balcony, assuming the balcony door was open, which it was not.  She used an extension ladder, and having a blond moment, set it up backwards, making it an unstable climb.  She also left her cell phone and jacket in her car.  Undeterred, she made it to the top, found the door locked, and then was unsure how to descend.  Deciding it was unsafe, she tried to wave down cars by…you guessed it…waving at them.  Everyone happily waved back at her and kept on driving.  After two hours, she was about to jump – a decision that would have undoubtedly caused broken bones, when we drove up.  We thought she was just being friendly, too, so we waved back at her, a little confused.  By this time she was frozen and in no mood to explain why she had not just phoned us.  I must admit, seeing a blond, atop a balcony, with a full ladder by her side, in tears because she cannot figure out how to get down,…was a picture for a cartoonist’s eye.   

Anyway, we need a railing.  There is one more standpoint that is also important–the view from outside the home.  A clumsy railing can detract from the look of the home.  So can an exotic one.  So, we wrestle with ideas of a plain enough railing to do the job, but pretty enough to be an enhancement without being the star attraction.   Hopefully, in a little while, I will be able to post balcony photos.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, if any of you have ideas???  Please share!

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